Photo Books - MiraStories

Custom coffee table books showcasing your story

All varieties are of archival quality and professionally bound, just like the coffee table books you buy in bookstores.

Printed photo books make a strong impact that endures beyond the changing tides of digital technology and crashing computers, and saves your most treasured photos into a beloved tangible object.  The online options for creating a custom photo book, however,  can be overwhelming, and finding the time to organize and edit photos isn't possible for everyone. That's where I come in.

As a bookmaker, you work with me (a live person!) to capture your story into a custom designed book for your personal or business project. I can use photos taken from our own photo sessions, if we've had them, or use your own photos, whether they're stored on your hard drive, or in a shoe box in the closet. From personal legacy books, to wedding books, to baby’s first year of life books, I tailor the experience and the final product to each client's needs.

It is my pleasure to help you protect your memories and tell your stories with professionally bound, archival photo books, from the small brag books, to "coffee table" books, to the most important wedding and heirloom books that can be passed around the room and passed down through the generations.

The Process

There is a large variety of sizes and cover options to choose from.  All of these are discussed in our free consultation.

First we’ll schedule a consultation by phone or in person to discuss the scope of your project including the various options for your book, such as size, cover materials and paper. We will determine if photo editing and scanning will be necessary and what type of text we will include, such as your own personalized writing or classic quotes from my library.

I can then create a custom quote and if we decide to move forward  we begin the process of choosing the photos for the book. So busy or overwhelmed that you want me to sort through your pictures for you? I can do that. Or perhaps you can narrow it down to your favorite 100 photos and give me a disc. I can work with that too.  Whatever your needs are, we will figure out the plan of action that suits you best.

After that I will provide a digital copy of the first draft. We will consult again and discuss what edits need to be done. Then we may go back and forth a bit until you are 100% happy with what you see. We order it and have it shipped right to you. Voila. Let's create your book!